Somethings never change
i watch ripples ebb and flow
each taking their turn upon the shore
every one in its own perfection
a mirror of before and after.

If I should possess that constancy
would I fade hopelessly
before and after in gray repetition?

Or should I stake my claim
in some parts from before
to fortify my today making each lapping wave
of my days just a bit better.

Alas ages and seasons cause my leaves to fall
and my throat dries
parched from screaming
at yesterday and tomorrow
sulking in today’s sorrow with a
perspective blinded by shadows and charcoals.

I yearn to come alive again
in fullness of a green spring
and be transparent…

Gentle breezes come
into my soul like
a melody of beautiful
sound and harmonic
resonance with notes settling
for a rest, a breath.

Hope is where I rest.
Hope doesn’t ebb and flow
but persists as the waves
that caress the shores.
Hope is constant.

Let me be reminded
all seems the same
in this absolute perspective of hope.
The only thing that
changes is leaves to green
as wisdom and hope steadily
grace this vessel in autumn
and bless me through harsh seasons
until spring.

I focus on the horizon
to travel a straight path and
know today will bring
a gift that will be opened
tomorrow and remembered always.

(c) 2015 rick stassi

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