unforgettable blue

Vincent Van Gogh

Vincent Van Gogh

I am sad to see birds fly south
and trees blushing at night’s cool kiss.
Even the sun seems to shy away
sinking ever further to
other places.

Resting now in reflection,
I remember our first glance –
our eyes meeting for a moment
as perpetual motion ceased
and inquisitive stillness held sway.

Why does melancholy absorb
days and minutes?
Why do I concede when
I know what thread attaches
my heart to eternity?

Once the devil’s touch
tried in vain to veil my hope,
but a fortified optimism prevailed.
Eternal hope upon an unforgettable blue sky.

i must commune with this new season
and find the beauty in winter’s eyes
as in her sadness offers her arms
in a gesture of love and peace
knowing seasons too sadly pass.

(c) 2015 rick stassi

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