O, love

O, Love…
All man surely has seen love –
from mother’s eyes to mourning dove.
Seen with naive, self-reasoned promise,
there is a correct course, it’s only our own strayed, amiss.
For the foundation of mankind
shall defiantly unwind
if he should believe power
should cause true love to cower.
So then in the face of a wielded love,
power thus subdued, love standing above.
For love soundly binds all –
all we aft the Fall.
But as clarity of love’s source causes some dismay
It is written in our heart: love is rooted in Him to Whom we pray.

“Man is a creature cut out for love; thus therefore is the law written in the heart, that it is a law of love. Love is a short and sweet word; and, if that be the fulfilling of the law, surely the yoke of the command is very easy. Love is the rest and satisfaction of the soul; if we walk in this good old way, we shall find rest.” Matthew Henry

© 2013 Rick Stassi


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