fading grass

Optimistic faces with eyes that are the
opening to a burdened soul.
Do we just exist for birth and death and all in between?
Eventual pessimistic hearts shoulder this burdensome segment.
Try and mask it but remember the eyes do not lie.
See these faces wry with cynicism, remorse following, then, optimism is truly lost.
Hope dies as no solution dreamed of man satisfies.
The line between yielding and uncompromising needs examination.

Mind the winter grass that fades away…
Do you think it sees impending renewal?
For some things are within our reach –
funny how Eternity is closer with open eyes.
Elixirs sought avoid our effort
sneaking off – not even turning to sneer.
Optimism and happiness: anthem of fools.
For as sure as the sun rises and sets,
a mood will ebb and flow lost in selfish pursuit.

“Let go”, cries a voice that few shall hear…


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