Artist: Heidi Brummer

24 ‘May the Lord bless you
and protect you.
25 May the Lord smile on you
and be gracious to you.
26 May the Lord show you his favor
and give you his peace.’

Numbers 6:24-26 (NLT)

Sweet words of the Lord that ring in my ears and linger in my thoughts.
God is with me and His promises are too.
I pray to savor these times when He speaks to me.
All may be slowly passing but His word is alive forever.

His love is beautiful and His utterance meaningful.
I may learn and I may teach from His example.
My life is shaped in this way.
His will is for me to see His revealed character and harbor His spirit.
Others will see.

The Lord blesses and protects.
In my walk His blessings are small and hidden,
They are large and obvious.

His blessing upon me fuels my attention and focus back to Him. They help me bless and love others in His way.
He protects me always. My heart is in His hand and there is a protective shield against worldly malady: Jealousy, avarice, and hurtfulness transform to encouragement, generosity, and compassion.
God blesses and protects me.

The Lord smiles upon me and shows me His grace.

My path is lit by the light of His smile. His smile warms the cold winter morning and cools the hot summer night. I am in His influence and under His smile. There is comfort like a warm and loving hug or a tender and sincere “I love you“. He spreads His love throughout my life! His smile beckons the children of this world through my soul. For that which I receive, I too may emanate. It is His way. His grace is sufficient for all eternity and I partake in this feast. Jesus with His distinct and unique love for me. Unconditional and true. How loved I feel in His watch. The Lord’s grace with His arm of righteousness and His love for me so great. It is my eternity that I have not earned, but have been allowed into through His gate so narrow. Yes his gate is the opening from darkness to light, from the finite to the infinite. He beckoned me to the opening and through His grace I was ushered in. It is Jesus. He died so that I may enter eternity.

The Lord gives me favor and His peace.

Even now in the midst of this meditation, the rumble of angst builds. I hear it. The enemy will try to steal these moments. But I rebuke Him under the authority God has meted out. He has given me a portion of His heart and endless are these portions. So I rest in the comfort of His favor. This is peace in which I partake. I need not worry in these times. I need not worry ever for His favor will not perish or fade, it is steady and sure. Surely I will turn my gaze in brief bouts with uncertainty; but, I will return and continue in His peace.

His love has attributes. They are His blessings and protection, His smile and grace, and His favor and peace.

All for me. All for you.

The Lord with His blessed song,
His right hand protective long.

His smile so filled with love,
His grace alighting as a dove,

His favor so sure and true,
Brings peace for me and for you.

Rest in the Lord today. His word is our meditation. I pray hearts fill with encouraging love. It is God in our lives. It is His time.

Rick Stassi
September 4, 2012

11 thoughts on “Meditation

      • Your prayers are coveted…walking through a difficult time, but my focus and my eyes remain fixed on Jesus. He is faithful!


      • I pray you always keep your primary focus on God. HE will draw you closer with His fixed gaze, warm smile. His heart of Love holds you near. Have confidence you are secure in Him. Everything else in your life you may minister to because He supplies you with the wisdom and love to do so. Be assured, sister. The Spirit is within you. God is with you always. In Jesus Name, AMEN.


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