still life in elixir

"North Korea"

Artist: Sean Seal

I dreamed about a December morn
When life was drawn and cold forlorn
Doubting pleasure’s full embrace
Somber slumber more selfish pace.

Ice and frost did slow my gait
Longer evenings embodied fate
The sun slipped so fast away
Over horizon for another’s day.

The sorrow watching meted moments
I totter now upon deciding fence.
In whose world shall I fall?
Not haunting emptiness, the worst of all…

But the sun ascends in veiled rise
Shattering darkness warming eyes
I fear the light its revealing ways
Vulnerable heart feels warm rays.

This is my time out of stillness reborn
Trapped by years of masked forlorn
Upon the face of God I now look upon
December morn soon is gone.

(c) 2014 Rick Stassi

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