Berthe Morisot

Where are days of
climbing fences;
crossing creeks
and summer senses?
Forever remembered
and drawn upon
like the morning dew
on summer lawns.

(C) 2011-2020 Rick Stassi

One thought on “Youth

  1. Love this Cousin! I think of you and I as kids walking in the back fields of the ranch talking and just being cousins! What a blessing those memories are and the wonderful life that we had as children! I can only pray that our own children will be able to look back at their childhood with the same heart! I know there are many that are not walking with the Lord and I pray for them daily! It is not easy being a child or a young adult in this time but then God knew it was going to happen so we pray that his word that was hidden in their heart will be brought up by the Holy Spirit and draw them to him! Love you cuz!

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